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Community Partnerships

Partnering with the YMCA of Springfield, the Foodbank provided 735 sack lunches made by Nelson’s Catering for area students using the YMCA as a remote learning site. “By the Foodbank providing nutritious foods for students, our staff can focus our resources on working with the students in other areas,” said Sarah Brewer, Association Director of Youth Development.

Suzy Parn, head of the Corporate Charitable Committee at Dot Foods, emphasized the importance of partners in meeting communities’ needs. “While this last year has been a challenge to our business, the silver lining has been our ability to provide food to people in need in our communities and nationwide. Through our partnership with the Foodbank and many similar agencies, we’ve been able to fulfill our company’s values of caring and sharing with our neighbors. The commitment of our employees has made it possible for us to provide the millions of pounds of food donations we’ve made in 2020. Thank you to everyone at Central Illinois Foodbank for the inspiring work you do, and for allowing us to participate in your mission — which means we’re fulfilling our charitable mission as well.”

“Oyster stew has been a family tradition during the holidays,” says Robbie Roberts of Robert’s Seafood. “Each year, Robert’s Seafood supplies Chesapeake Bay fresh oysters for the families of central Illinois. This year with family gatherings limited during Thanksgiving, we found ourselves long on our fresh inventory. My daughter and co-owner, Andrea, thought it would a great gesture to supply many of our senior citizens that have been ’couped up‘ this year with a bowl of our famous oyster stew. A call to Pam at the Foodbank is all it took. She engaged the folks at Nelson’s Catering to take our recipe and produce over 750 bowls of stew and distribute to area seniors. Our family has been blessed by our community; we were humbled to be able to spread some of that love back to our senior citizens.”