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Community Focused

When we’ve had a bad day, a favorite food—something we may have grown up with or which holds fond memories of home and family—can make us feel better. 

Peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, corn tortillas and rice, along with pre-packed boxes of protein, produce and dairy greet LatinX families in Cass, Schuyler and Macoupin counties thanks to a grant from Feeding America.  This has allowed the Foodbank to hold one to two distributions a month in these counties, serving 200 to 300 families each time.   

Produce, milk, other dairy, and lean protein have also been distributed in difficult to reach areas including rural and black communities. With the help of the Boys and Girls Clubs, Taylorville Food Pantry, and partners working with the LatinX community, we are becoming more aware of what fresh and healthy foods are well-received.