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We are in need of some items for our warehouse. Please see the list below if you would like to help.

Stainless Steel Work Table: 2 at $1,700 each-
 Stainless Steel Work Tables would be utilized to sort and re-box product. In order to safely and efficiently sort and re-box food and grocery items the Foodbank needs a strong durable table equipped with interlocking casters. This Stainless steel work table is made with 14 gauge stainless steel top and galvanized frame and shelf. This equipment will allow volunteers and staff to safely manage the process of sorting food.

Heavy Duty Conveyer Roller Table: 2 at $1,700 each- Heavy Duty conveyer roller tables would be utilized to safely and efficiently sort and re-box food and grocery items. Volunteers and staff would utilize this equipment to reduce bending and lifting of product. The conveyer is 36 inches wide and can extend to over 12 feet long, sustaining over 375 pounds.

Electric Pallet Jack- $4,000- An electric pallet jack is a vital need of Central Illinois Foodbank to move pallets of food. Due to the fact we have volunteers in the sorting area, forklifts are not utilized for safety purposes. Electric pallet jacks allow for an efficient and effective process of moving food throughout the warehouse.