Central Illinois Foodbank first opened its doors on June 7, 1982. Since that day, we have grown and changed significantly in our efforts to fight hunger.

Since Central Illinois Foodbank first opened its doors, its mission remains essential: to provide food, and develop awareness of and creative solutions for food insecurity. In the beginning, its assets were modest: borrowed warehouse space at a local Franciscan monastery; three dedicated staff members; and 2,000 pounds of apple cobbler mix. But even in its first year of operation, Central Illinois Foodbank managed to distribute some 65,000 pounds of food per month. Today, the Foodbank has increased its capacity greatly, distributing over 12 million pounds of food to partner agencies in FY21 alone.

In 2013, the Foodbank moved into its new home at 1937 East Cook Street, formerly the home of the Springfield Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company. Donated by the owners of the Pepsi plant, the Faloon Family, the Foodbank increased its square footage from 22,000 square feet to 56,000 square feet, added several cold storage zones, and a volunteer area. 

Since moving into the new facility, Central Illinois Foodbank has grown tremendously. Before having a larger facility 70% of salvaged donated product was being diverted to other food banks, due to the lack of space. Now only 9% of that same product is being diverted, allowing for more product to land in the hands of our neighbors in central and southern Illinois.

Another number that has dramatically increased thanks to more space, is our volunteer hours. Before the move, in FY13, we recorded over 4,500 volunteer hours. In FY18, that number has nearly tripled to over 12,000 volunteer hours logged.

Executive Director Pam Molitoris welcomes visitors to our new facility on Cook Street, July 2, 2013.