September is Hunger Action Month

When people are fed, futures are nourished. 

Join the movement to end hunger today. 



Everyone needs nutritious food to thrive. Yet, tens of millions of people in the United States including 80,000 people and 20,000 children in central and southern Illinois - face hunger. 

This September, join Central Illinois Foodbank in the movement to end hunger. Your voice, actions, and commitment will help ensure every community has the food they need to thrive. Because when people are fed, futures are nourished.  

Every action - big or small - is one step closer to an America where no one is hungry. Join the nationwide movement to end hunger. Here's how you can help: 

To learn more about Central Illinois Foodbank and other ways you can get involved for Hunger Action Month in central and southern Illinois, please browse our website or visit You can also join the conversation by posting photos or stories to social media with #HungerActionMonth, @CentralILFoodbank and @FeedingAmerica.

Join the movement to end hunger today.