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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a foodbank?

A foodbank (or food bank) is a regional distributor of donated groceries to non-profit organizations that provide food assistance. Foodbanks exist to ensure that independent hunger-relief agencies have access to donated groceries.

How big is Central Illinois Foodbank's region?

Central Illinois Foodbank serves over 150 partner agencies in 21 central Illinois counties, accounting for over 12,000 square miles - roughly 22% of Illinois.

How much food does the Foodbank distribute?

In the fiscal year 2016, Central Illinois Foodbank distributed nearly 9.1 million pounds of groceries, through our partner agencies and Healthy Foods Distributions.

How many individuals are served by the food the Foodbank distributes?

The food from Central Illinois Foodbank feeds 14,500 different individuals each week.*

What is food insecurity?

As defined by the USDA, food insecurity refers to the lack of access to enough food to fully meet basic needs at all times due to lack of financial resources.

How many people are food insecure in Central Illinois Foodbank's region?

In Central Illinois Foodbank's 21 county region, the food insecurity rate is 13.% - 106,730 individuals.**

What are the age demographics of those who receive food assistance through Central Illinois Foodbank agencies?

34% are under 18, 7% are under 5 and 16% are elderly.*

How important are the groceries foodbanks deliver to the agencies they serve?

80% of our programs said elimination of support from their food banks would have a significant or devastating impact on their operation.*

How does Central Illinois Foodbank acquire food?

The Foodbank receives food from three main sources; 21% is federal commodities, 35% is national donations (through Feeding America), and 44% is direct local and regional donations (from manufacturers, processors, distributors, and retailers).

How does Central Illinois Foodbank distribute food?

40% of the food is picked up and 60% is delivered to agencies.

Can I come to the Foodbank to get food for my family?

We do not distribute food directly to individuals, but click here to find an agency near you. You can also find a list of upcoming Healthy Food Distributions by clicking here.

* Hunger in America 2014 Study
** Map the Meal Gap Study