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Director's Dish

When we were children, our mother always said it was less expensive to buy healthy food than pay for the doctor bill. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t always followed this advice. If you looked in my pantry last year, you would find sugary treats, salty snacks, and carb filled indulgences. I’m the epitome of the classic stress eater.

Like many busy administrators, I often rely on eating on the fly, driving through a fast food restaurant or picking up carry-out. Although I have no intention of not eating out from time to time, I also know that cooking from scratch is a way that I know all of the ingredients that are going into my meals. I am working to take the time to meal plan and cook, and I am amazed at the meals I can put together when I slow myself down.

In my case, I’ve made these choices. Many of our neighbors do not have the means to make the decision to purchase healthier choices over less expensive food that are often high in sodium, added sugars, and saturated fat. The Foodbank is actively working to give people the opportunity to make choices. From the fresh produce, dairy and protein the Foodbank secures and distributes, to the kitchen cart where local nutritionists demonstrate how to prepare items that we are giving out, to our newest initiative to provide cookware and utensils to youth and their families, we are always trying to put all of the puzzle pieces together to make meal planning and prep less stressful for individuals and families.

With the implementation of our nutrition policy last summer, I am working hard to practice what I preach and control the indulgences. I remind myself that there is a reason that our mother has made it to her 96th birthday with far fewer doctor visits than most. I guess it’s true what they say – Mom always knows best!

Executive Director