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Agency Spotlight: Jacksonville Salvation Army Red Shield Market

Captain Chris Clarke of the Jacksonville Salvation Army

Staff and volunteers at the Jacksonville Red Shield Market Community know what it means to provide access to and awareness of healthy food for all. Located at 331 Douglas Avenue in Jacksonville, the food pantry provides dry goods, produce, protein, and dairy in a grocery store-style setting. 

Last year, the pantry provided over 400,000 pounds of food to more than 11,240 individuals in Morgan County. Captain Chris Clarke said that while the grocery store format has been in place for only six months, the reception from the community has been outstanding. 

“We wanted to do the best we can in providing services in the best way possible, to where people are getting what they want, what they need,” he said. 

Produce and other groceries set out for clients at Jacksonville's Red Shield Market

As a result of their work to expand client choice and efforts to promote healthy eating, Red Shield Market was recently named a winner of the Healthy Pantry Initiatives Award by the University of Illinois Extension. Central Illinois Foodbank is grateful for the Red Shield Market and all of our feeding partners across central and southern Illinois for their continued partnership in fighting hunger 365 days a year.